Best Belly-Flattening Foods and Drinks That Burns Belly Fat Fast

by Health Buzzer on August 1, 2011

Do you have a pudgy belly that you are wishing was flatter?  This is a common feeling that many people have.  Thousands of people are trying to figure out the best dieting method for them to start losing pounds of fat.  The abdomen is the easiest place for excess fat cells to collect.  If you aren’t careful with the foods you eat, you can easily start retaining calories in this region.

So, what are the best foods to eat in order to avoid pounds of belly fat?  The question shouldn’t be what foods to eat, but what foods not to eat.  People constantly consume potato chips and candy are much more likely to gain fat in the abdomen than those who snack on carrot sticks.

Of course, you don’t want to go without food for too long.  While you may think this is a great way to lose weight, it is actually doing more harm than good.  Going without food for too long and skipping meals can cause the body to try to hang on to what calories it gets as fat.  This can essentially slower the metabolism, leading to increased weight gain and frequent fatigue.

The best way to get a flatter abdomen is to not be constantly hungry, but to learn to snack regularly on healthy foods.  Low calorie foods, such as vegetables and fruits are great sources of vitamins.  These can help to relieve hunger while not adding too much fat to a person’s belly.

In recent years, nutritional shakes and beverages have grown in popularity.  Whether these are homemade recipes or store-bought drinks which can be purchased in the store, it is important to examine the ingredients in order to make sure that these are actually low in calories.  Yogurt smoothies are often good sources of vitamins, but they can have a large number of calories, depending on the type of yogurt used.  While there are much worse foods to eat in terms of fat and calories, you should try to make sure the calories you are consuming are from nutritious foods.

An important thing to remember when going on a diet in an attempt to flatten your belly is that you may not want to completely eliminate foods like cake and potato chips from your diet.  If your doctor says to cut all of those unhealthy foods from your diet due to a medical condition, then do not touch them.  People who are just trying to lose some weight from a spontaneous decision to feel better about themselves, however, may benefit from not completely giving up on unhealthy food.  After all, this can only result in further cravings for that food.  Eating foods like cake and ice cream in moderation can help someone to relieve their temptation to eat these foods while not adding too many calories from the experience.

Exhibiting self-control when eating unhealthy food is the biggest factor in determining who is successful in a diet and who may actually gain weight from trying a diet plan.  The important aspect of dieting is to remember that you are trying to lose weight, and you will probably have to stop eating large portions of some foods that you love.

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