Debunking the Health Myths of Microwaved Food

Carrots will give you a great night vision. We all know that this is a myth and doesn’t have anything to do with the truth. This also happens when we talk about the health benefits of microwaved food. However, in order to show you the opposite, we will try to debunk the health myths of microwaved food.

Microwaves cook healthy food

A recent experiment has shown that microwaves cook healthy food and it is better to reheat food in your microwaves than choosing the traditional way. Furthermore, some specialist says that microwaves preserve the nutrients in vegetables. Nothing more untrue! Microwave cooking is one of the most dangerous kinds of cooking. Moreover, it is also very toxic and remove the flavor of the ingredients. To understand, why the microwave is so toxic and damaging to our health, it’s essential to know how it really works. Inside the oven, it is a generator which gives off radio waves at a specific frequency. This is the microwaves which can cook the food by vibrating the water molecules inside it. This process destroys a few nutrients in food, including vitamin C which is heat-sensitive.

Microwave radiation isn’t so dangerous to people

In the last few years, there were a lot of theories about microwaves and radiation. In that moment, some specialists develop a theory that microwave radiation isn’t so dangerous to people because it doesn’t affect them personally. However, there is nothing more untrue than this myth. The simple world ”radiation” sounds terrifying, what to say about the process itself. Everybody knows that ionizing radiation cause cancer. It’s truth that microwaves are in the non-ionizing zone, but this doesn’t mean that all those radiations that it produces are safe for our health.

Microwaving food keeps it nutrients

It’s truth that microwave ovens are some of the most efficient kitchen appliances and helps us save time and money. Moreover, they can reheat food and beverages in a simple, rapid way. All these things are incredibly true, but when it comes to microwaves and nutrients, you need to know some things. Most people think that the microwaved food is not affected by this cooking process and the ingredients don’t change their nutrient content. In fact, microwaving food affects the nutrients. It removes their flavors, vitamins, fats and other nutrient contents.