Health Risks of Using the Hot Tub During Pregnancy

An excellent way to improve your health and obtain wonderful beauty benefits is to have hot tub baths regularly. What about pregnant women? Are they allowed to have baths like these without affecting their pregnancy? If you are interested in this subject, then take a look at the following health risks of using the hot tub during pregnancy.

What are the concerns regarding pregnant women who go for hot tubs?

Studies have shown that pregnant women who go for hot tub baths regularly represent an increased risk of giving birth to babies with birth defects. This might happen if the pregnant woman has hot tub baths in the first trimester of pregnancy. Furthermore, if your pregnancy is advanced, due to the hot water you might deal with an early birth. If you spend more than 10 minutes in a hot tub, your body temperature will raise up to 102F and even higher, and this can cause hyperthermia. There is also an increased risk of neural tube defects in the babies of those women who experience high temperature during their pregnancy. Therefore, this is certainly something that you must avoid, in order to give birth to a very healthy baby.

Can a pregnant woman still have hot tub baths without affecting her pregnancy?

Yes, she definitely can do this, but there are some rules that she must respect in order to not affect her unborn baby. Therefore, if you are pregnant and still want to have these baths regularly, then you must never let your core body temperature rise above 102.2 degrees F. Furthermore, a bath like this should not last more than 10 minutes. In order to reduce and even eliminate any health risks in pregnant women, it is highly recommended that they re-program their hot tub to maintain a lower temperature, and monitor the temperature of the water at all times by dipping a thermometer in the hot tub. They could also monitor their body temperature as well at all times, in order to avoid overheating. By doing so, they will be able to enjoy a short but nice hot tub bath, without causing any sort of problems in their pregnancy.