Insomnia Symptoms and the Best Remedies

We all have experienced a night or two when we just couldn’t sleep or we fell asleep very hard, waking up feeling more tired than the night before. This situation could be normal every once in a while but when it gets very often, it might be a sign that you suffer from insomnia. To get you out of doubts, let’s have a look at the most common insomnia symptoms and the best ways to fight them.

How insomnia manifests

First of all, you need to know that insomnia is different from not being able to sleep every once in a while and that you must get worried if the situation persists for many days in a row. If you find it hard to fall asleep at night although you are feeling exhausted, chances are you suffer from insomnia. Also, if you wake up multiple times during the night and it is very hard to go back to sleep, it might be another sign of insomnia. You could also experience early awakening in the morning despite the fact you fell asleep very late and you could also feel extremely tired during the day, which could keep you from focusing on your daily activities. Insomnia not only keeps you from falling asleep but also deprives you of a restful sleep that would make you feel fresh.

What can you do about it

If you experience any of the above symptoms, you must concentrate on solving the problem in order to prevent having to resort to sleeping pills every time you want to fall asleep. Luckily, insomnia can be cured if treated at an early stage, so keep your eyes opened for the symptoms and try the following remedies.

Create a sleeping schedule

If you can hardly sleep at night, you will feel tired during the day and you might feel tempted to take a nap at noon. Retain this urge until the night comes so you will feel more tired and you will likely fall asleep faster. Try to go to sleep at the same hour every night to accustom your brain to the sleeping schedule.

Remove any disturbing noise

If your bedroom is not very quiet, chances are you will not be able to fall asleep unless to eliminate all the noise. Turning off the TV is essential when trying to fall asleep, but what can you do about the noises that come from the outside? The best solution is to use a sound machine with a white noise feature that masks the disturbing sounds and keeps your brain in a state of relaxation the entire night.

Avoid exciting foods

If you consume energizing drinks and foods before going to bed, you will no longer be able to fall asleep because your brain will be excited by the energizing substances. Therefore, make sure you don’t drink caffeine or alcohol before going to bed and that you don’t eat sugars, chocolate, or fats shortly before bedtime.

Relax before going to bed

If you have had a stressful day or you have a concern that is keeping you up, it’s best to try to eliminate all your thoughts and worries before going to bed. A massage, a hot bath, or a good book are great insomnia remedies that can help you get your worries off your head and focus on falling asleep. If you manage to relax your brain and body, you will fall asleep easier.