Laundry Mistakes that Affect Sensitive Skin

Rashes and skin irritations are common occurrences for those who have sensitive skin. The worst part is that if you have sensitive skin, even the clothes that you are wearing and the sheets on your bed could cause rashes and skin irritations. Of course, this only happens if you don’t take proper precautions and you do certain laundry mistakes. If you have sensitive skin and you want to learn how to prevent the appearance of rashes and skin irritations caused by laundry mistakes, read the following lines to learn what you must avoid doing.

Not washing new laundry before the first use

Washing a new clothing item, a pillow cover, or a sheet before the first use might be common sense to some, but this isn’t the case with all people. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize what dangers could lurk in the fabrics, and they unknowingly enter into contact with various bacteria and germs. This is especially dangerous for those who have sensitive skin, causing them problems almost instantly. Therefore, in order to protect your sensitive skin, make sure that you always wash new laundry items before the first use.

Using the wrong type of detergent

Detergents are necessary when washing laundry. But for those with sensitive skin, using the wrong laundry detergent could lead to the appearance of dermatitis. To avoid making this mistake, only wash the laundry using a detergent that is free of harmful chemicals and fragrances.
For those with sensitive skin, we recommend using the Country Save HE laundry detergent. A 10-pound box of this detergent costs only $33. You can use it for 80 standard loads, or 160 high-efficiency loads. What makes it such a great option to go with is the fact that it doesn’t contain phosphate, dye, gluten, or scents.

Skipping on sanitizing clothes with a clothes steamer before wearing them

Even though you have washed your clothes with a detergent that is recommended for people with sensitive skin, it doesn’t mean that you’re safe yet. Another common laundry mistake that people make and that leads to trouble for those with sensitive skin is that they don’t sanitize the clothes with a clothes steamer before wearing them.
For 100% bacteria-free clothes that won’t harm your skin in any way, we recommend that you use the Rowenta GS6020 clothes steamer. It can be yours for the price of $100. The 1550W ensure a powerful operation. The high steam output of this clothes steamer allows it to effectively sanitize your clothes, leaving them safe to wear. Also, it makes the device very efficient in wrinkle removal.

Air drying clothes

Another laundry mistake that people with sensitive skin unknowingly make is that they leave their clothes to air dry. As the clothes are exposed to the air, bacteria, germs, and even dirt get attached to them. This makes your efforts of washing and cleaning the clothes useless.
To dry your clothes in a safe way, and to ensure that your sensitive skin won’t be hurt in any way by the clothes that you are wearing, use the Samsung DV8700 dryer. To buy this amazing dryer, you must spend $1200. The generous 7.4 cubic feet capacity allows you to dry big loads of laundry at once. It features 15 preset drying cycles from which you can choose. The multi-steam technology ensures that the clothes will be dried, sanitized, and de-wrinkled when they’re in the machine. In addition, this model is certified by Energy Star for its energy efficiency, so you don’t have to worry about operational costs.